About Us


Briskminds is a start up and specializes in providing force.com consulting, implementation, product development and mobile application development services for all types of organizations – corporates and ISVs.

In just a small span of six months of our launch, we have more than five satisfied clients who have nothing but praises for the work that we have delivered for them, and the best part is that our clientele is growing. We owe this success to our Mission and Values which define the character and culture of our company.


We started with the following mission statements in our minds:

  • To help our clients realize full potential of their investments and build long term relationship with them by helping them grow and achieve success and deliver great business value
  • Create a culture where employees take full ownership and build, innovate and deliver with complete freedom.
  • Come up with ways where we can contribute positively towards the society we live in and not just selfishly make money.


Following core values define the character of our company:

Client Satisfaction

Do whatever it takes to exceed client expectations which includes developing quality solutions for minimum investments

Integrity and Transparency

Always practice personal and professional integrity when dealing with clients and always doing what is right


Encourage feedback oriented culture not just within the company but also with clients and partners to develop transparency and avoid last minute negative surprises

Recognizing Excellence

Acknowledging employee achievements to keep them motivated and foster a culture of creativity, productivity and innovation


At Briskminds, we are aimed towards helping our clients realize full potential of their Salesforce investment. We ensure that our clients get full visibility into their projects resulting in complete control and visibility. The development proces is completely agile based and so we are easily able to absorb real time feedback to produce a stable yet powerful solution even with dynamically changing requirements.