Briskminds has an exceptional track record for custom application development on platform. Our team of certified professionals and MVPs leave no stone unturned to develop effective solutions for Organizations looking to customize their Salesforce environment during implementation projects, or for ISVs who are working on product development initiatives to publish on AppExchange.

The team has expertise in all aspects of development and integration for the platform. We have built solutions that utilise the latest constructs of the platform to design the most effective solutions, used technologies like Adobe Flex, jQuery and ExtJS frameworks for rich, beautiful and and intuitive user interfaces that drive Salesforce usability and adoption. We have also integrated Salesforce with other popular cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Google.

Our approach for executing development projects is as follows:


Analysis and Strategizing

We believe that you have already chosen the platform for your application development and/or legacy app migration, but we can still help you do the assessment whether you made the right choice. We analyse your requirement and do a rigorous exercise to confirm the cost and technical feasibility.



In most of the cases, as the first phase of the project, we work closely with you to create a working prototype in a time frame of 2-4 weeks, depending on the project complexity, to validate the application design approach and gather user feedback on the usability and functionality.


Development & Testing

After you endorse the prototype, we move into fast paced development mode following the Agile methodology and create a robust efficient solution with rich user experience delivering a stable deployable solution (for test environment) at the end of each iteration which spans 2-3 weeks. Yes, deployable means writing non failing quality unit tests qualified to pass the checkmarx security scan for AppExchange publishing, ensuring test coverage to cross the threshold figure.



As the development progresses, we ensure that if the application has to be packaged and published, then it gets tested as the managed beta package so that any namespace issues are caught and resolved way ahead of time. After passing the test environment, we package it as managed release package and submit it for AppExchange pubishing.


We understand the need of an effective data model in the Salesforce paradigm, which is unlike the relational database design, and make use of cloud design patterns to produce effective analytics using complex dahsboards and reports. The solution specific data model design improves the system performance and user experience, and reduces data search and entry complexities. Hence we spend considerable time laying out the foundations by designing an effective object model which proves its worth in the long run.