Mobile Application Development

The mobile market is growing by leaps and bounds and with every passing moment, we are witnessing better & faster devices. People now spend more time on their mobile phones than ever before. Statistics show that over 1 billion of the world’s 4+ billion mobile phones are now smartphones and it is predicted that in 2014, mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage, and already in 2011, more than 50% of “local” seraches are done from a mobile device.

Businesses can take advantage of this exponentially growing mobile market and can position themselves strategically to explore new customers and opportunities. Organizations benefit by embracing mobile market early in the game which helps in gaining customer loyalty.

It is with this thought and observation that we started with mobile application development. Now we have a solid team of professionals who are experts in designing and building powerful and visually appealing mobile applications, on the most popular platforms like iOS, Android and Blackberry. We have experience working with the latest smartphone and tablet technology for all kinds of mobile application projects including:

  • Salesforce CRM Integration
  • Gaming & Entertainment
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Media Apps
  • Social Networking
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Geolocation
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